Firewall, what does that mean?

The use of a firewall is a useful and important component in a sophisticated security concept. It ensures that no network traffic rushes past it without permission. Only absolutely necessary access should be allowed.

In this way, for example, attacks from outside are fended off in which attackers want to gain access to a network or a computer via open ports. When a computer is directly connected to the Internet, which used to be the norm, attacks and infections were carried out in seconds. Internet worms such as SQL Slammer, Sasser and Co. would have been stopped by a firewall. Today, these malware threats are hardly successful anymore, as firewalls and routers have appropriate filter mechanisms and do not even let the malware into the system in the first place.

Some users do not want to have to deal with what ports are and how many of them are open on their computer. For you, a firewall is a great solution: you no longer have to worry about the access routes to your system and can leave the protection completely to the firewall. 

To ensure security, you should generally not turn off your firewall.

In addition, internal traffic can also be blocked, for example if malware wants to contact a control server and this process contradicts a set rule. Depending on the type and configuration of the firewall, it can play a different role in monitoring network traffic.

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