NFC, what can I do with it?

Near Field Communication, or NFC for short, is an international transmission standard for the wireless exchange of data over short distances (10 to 20 cm). Almost all smartphones are now factory-equipped with this technology. Older cell phones can be retrofitted with an NFC sticker, which is attached to the back of the device and replaces the built-in NFC chip.

To transfer data via NFC, the smartphone or tablet is held up to a preprogrammed NFC tag, which then activates a specific application or function in the device, for example. So many useful things can be done via radio link. A data connection can also be established between two NFC-enabled devices. 

NFC offers interesting options for controlling your own smartphone: a corresponding app can be used to describe NFC tags that, for example, switch the WLAN on or off or activate Bluetooth when the mobile phone comes into contact.

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