Proxy server, what is it?

Proxy servers are intermediaries in the communication between two computers. The proxy server accepts queries on behalf of the user and then forwards them accordingly. A proxy server is a communication broker in a computer network. It uses its own address to forward requests (from the DNS client) - for example to call up a website or to download a file - to the appropriate recipient (server) without the two having to be directly connected to one another. 

A visual comparison would be the waiter in a restaurant where you place your order: he accepts the request and forwards you to the kitchen without you having to speak to the chef personally. Your answer, i.e. the dish you ordered, will be delivered to you in the same way. 

With a proxy server, you can not only filter your network communication and cache data, but you can also surf the Internet anonymously. We explain these 3 options in more detail in the next section.

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