What is smart garden lighting?

What applies to interiors also applies to the garden: smart lighting can be used here in a variety of ways. Most often, lights are installed along the paths, because they should be well lit in the dark as soon as someone walks on them.

But smart lamps are also beautiful eye-catchers as ambient lighting in the garden. And they can also replace conventional outdoor lamps on the house wall, in the entrance area and elsewhere.

If you already rely on a smart lighting system in the house, then you can extend this to the outside area. This saves you an additional app and, if necessary, an additional one - provided the wireless connection is sufficient Gateway. Otherwise, a bridge or gateway must also be attached outside.

Brands like Philips Hue or Osram Smart + use as a basis ZigBee. This means that lamps compatible with this radio base can easily be integrated into an existing system without any detours.

Anyone who has already installed expensive lamp housings - for example as permanently installed base lamps - does not have to replace the entire lamp, just the light source for a smart one. A normal E27 socket bulb is simply exchanged for its smart counterpart.

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