What is an Apple Watch for?

The most important functions of the Apple Watch with the watchOS operating system are as follows:

  • Clock: Of course, the basic characteristics of a clock should not be missing. In addition to various dial designs and world times, the Apple Watch also offers alarm clocks, stopwatches and timers. They can be set and configured directly on the arm.

  • Calendar: The Apple Watch shows the upcoming appointments.

  • Messages: You can receive and reply to iMessages. Suggested answers are displayed for the answer (yes / no etc.), and text can also be inserted via voice input.

  • Email: Mails can be read, deleted and answered.

  • Telephone: A call on the iPhone can be answered on the Apple Watch. Thanks to the built-in microphone and loudspeaker, the watch can even serve as a headset if necessary. There is also a walkie-talkie function that can be used to reach other Apple Watch owners.

  • Track activities: the Apple Watch has sensors that measure fitness activities - including GPS. You can see the progress on the watch and in Health on the iPhone.

  • Maps: thanks to the map app, the smartphone can stay in the pocket for turn-by-turn navigation.

  • Home: The most important buttons for smart home control can be called up directly on the arm.

  • Siri: According to Apple, voice control should simplify interaction with the Apple Watch. For example, apps can be opened, calls started or locations searched for.

  • Other functions

  • Weather gives you the forecast including temperatures and the probability of rain for the next few hours.

  • Wallet displays admission tickets and tickets.

  • Remote turns the clock into a remote control for Apple TV. The iPhone can also be partially controlled remotely - namely for music and the camera.

  • The Apple Watch Cellular can establish a direct telephone and Internet connection. To save energy, it only does this when the paired iPhone is not nearby.

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