What are smart plugs for?

Smart plugs are intelligent sockets and timers that are inserted between a terminal device and the power socket. The devices connected to it can be remotely controlled and read out via a smart device and the Internet, regardless of location. The idea behind the smart sockets is not new. Even the oldest among us know classic time switches from their youth. Smart plugs are therefore the contemporary version of these devices that expand the basic function with a number of smart home options. The intelligent sockets first of all integrate almost any device into the home network and make it controllable via a smartphone or tablet. First of all, this means that the connected devices can be switched on and off from virtually anywhere in the world using a corresponding app and internet access. Most of the solutions offered also offer the option of setting up schedules. In these, the times of use can be defined even more precisely and, for example, assigned differently on weekends than on weekdays.

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