Android App | 2.32


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  • Support for new Z-Wave, EnOcean and ZigBee devices
  • Support for Steca inverters (WLAN)
  • Templates for device types are now available for energy saving plans (only homee AT smartENERGY customers)
  • Time limits can now be created for energy saving plans in which the plan should not run (only homee AT smartENERGY customers)


  • The process of adding a geofence has been revised
  • The WAREMA devices are now visible in the device list when teaching-in, even without a cube
  • Device links can now be created from both sides, from the sensor and from the actuator
  • In the plans it can now be specified which property of a device should be switched if the device has several suitable properties
  • The teaching-in of Nuki, AVM and Homematic WLAN devices has been revised
  • The barcode scanner when teaching-in devices now supports additional barcode types
  • The Z-Wave device reset has been renamed Exclude device and now has a better explanation
  • The demo mode is now up to date again

Bug fixes

  • Links can be created again
  • Error when teaching in EnOcean buttons has been corrected
  • Errors in day selection on the plan edit screen have been fixed
  • Text errors in the homeegram conditions have been fixed
  • The labeling of the homeegram switches has been corrected
  • Crash when searching for devices has been fixed
  • Error when entering text in the device search has been fixed
  • User reset screen is now displayed correctly
  • WLAN list is displayed correctly after a network reset
  • Error when creating push notifications has been fixed
  • Missing texts for the LED color mode of Aeotec devices have been added
  • Texts for the presence information in the "My Home" area are correctly placed
  • Toggle in the geofence screen are all working again
  • Error codes are displayed if a geofence fails
  • Fixed a crash during the setup process
  • Minor text fixes

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