Connect your product to our ecosystem

Are you a home equipment manufacturer? Would you like to join the smart home market?

Be a part of our unique ecosystem of smart products. No matter at which stage of the smart product development you are in, you can integrate our technology, including our highly rated app and proven software. This saves you time and money in implementing your smart products.

Connect your products to countless devices and control them all with the best smart home app.

Make the most of your product at any level

Do you want to take your product to the next level? No matter what phase of planning you are in at the moment, homee is the ideal partner to achieve the next level for your product.

Option 1

“Make your product smart”

We develop comprehensive projects to make your product smart.

Option 2

“Connect your product”
We connect your product to our smart home ecosystem through standard protocols.
(WIFI, Z-Wave, Zigbee, EnOcean)

Option 3

“Get your own cube”
We integrate your technology to your own cube and make it a part of the homee ecosystem.

Tailored to your product

We adapt to the needs of your product, offering the following aspects to customize:


You can choose a standard communication technology (WIFI, EnOcean, Z-Wave or Zigbee), or use your own proprietary protocol.



You can use your own branding on the packaging and choose the color of your cube.



The homee app can be adapted to your branding.

Benefits of being part of the homee ecosystem

  • A wider reach of your products in the market.
  • Start with proven technology in the smart home world.
  • Save time and money during implementation.
  • Position yourself with "big players" of the smart home world.
  • Be part of our digital business model (homee store).

Improve your customers’ daily life experience with homee.

Our partners

Companies that are successful with homee

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