homee blog post Connect security camera and homee

For many users, security is the first reason to buy a smart home system. 

With our cubes, we make your home a little smarter and safer every time, regardless of whether it is a wide variety of sensors, the best locks, automatic windows or security cameras.

Today I will explain how you can use your security camera with homee even smarter and more efficiently. Many manufacturers rely on a cloud-based service for their cameras, which entails monthly costs.

But just like our brain cube, which stores all your data locally and securely at your home, today we are looking at a camera without a cloud connection.

The Instar IN-9008 IP camera stores all your data locally and does not charge any monthly costs. The price is around 300 euros and offers a very wide range, in order to couple the camera with homee, only the Brain-Cube is required, because the waterproof full-HD outdoor camera either functions via WiFi or uses a LAN cable. 

scope of delivery

It is already clear from the scope of delivery that the camera, which costs around 300 euros, is high-quality equipment. In addition to the camera itself, which is a massive device with a metal housing, there is a freely adjustable wall bracket, a power cable, a network cable, a WLAN antenna, a screwdriver and other accessories for mounting.

Installation of the camera

Now only the setup follows. You can either do this via the web interface at install.instar.de or via the free App InstarVision for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Amazon Kindle and Windows 8.1 / 10 (Metro). Here is a small example on the IOS version.

After downloading the app free of charge, you will find a plus sign in the "Cameras" tab to add a new camera. Then the app guides you through the further steps, although there is nothing wrong with the technical setup. 

But in the end everything is completely understandable and it works perfectly.

homee and Insta IP

Homee currently only supports the transmission of camera images with Netatmo cameras, but Insta IP and homee are also a strong team and can communicate with and support one another in many different ways.

Below I present some functions and options. 

A connection of the 2 devices is not necessary, because the connection is made via so-called webhooks, which can then be integrated into homee.

Web what?

Webhooks are certain commands that can be received and processed by homee. Webhooks make it possible for the first time that homee can receive and even send commands from the Internet. These commands can be very versatile and different e.g. B. When the light goes out, the camera should turn on and automatically monitor a specific area.

These webhooks are specific URLs that your homee can use to communicate with the camera or other devices over the Internet. 

A webhook is easily integrated using a new home frame.

trigger alarm

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