homee core | 2.28.2 (ae4e1df3)


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The AI presence detection was removed again because the results were not satisfactory.


The following devices are now supported by homee:

  • Eltako radio actuator for shading elements FSB61NP-230V
  • Eltako RS485 bus actuator for shading elements FSB14


  • The system for sending notifications has been completely renewed
  • The behavior when restarting / shutting down homee has been improved
  • Different users can no longer name the same homee separately
  • The behavior when changing WLANs has been improved
  • Inaccessible myStrom devices are queried less often to relieve the system
  • homee now sends less unnecessary information to the apps

Bug fixes

  • homee in homee devices can no longer be added to HomeKit
  • The location coordinates determined by homee are now always correctly transmitted to the apps
  • Delayed group actions are now also carried out if the home telegram has been deactivated (not stopped!)
  • homee in homee now uses the correct user agent when connecting to the second homee
  • The smoke alarm of the Eltako FRW now works again
  • An error in the dimming value of the Eltako FUD has been fixed
  • Roller shutters remain available if a stop command is sent while the roller shutter is already standing
  • The QR code for connecting HomeKit is no longer lost when the app is changed
  • Netatmo camera notifications are reactivated correctly
  • The color temperature of the Aeotec LED Stripe can be used again
  • Switching devices with a missing cube no longer leads to available devices