homee Core | 2.29 (c5225dd0)


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  • Support for Hörmann BiSecur Cube.
  • Energy saving plans for variable electricity tariffs from Energie Steiermark.
  • Support of additional languages.
  • Door locks can now also be operated with the Google Assistant.


The following devices are now supported by homee:

  • Hörmann entrance gate operator (LineaMatic, RotaMatic, VersaMatic).
  • Hörmann garage door operator series 3 (SupraMatic).
  • Hörmann garage door operator Series 4 (SupraMatic).
  • Hörmann internal door operator (PortaMatic).
  • Hörmann relays (HER 1 BS, HET / S 2 BS, HET / S 24 BS, HER 2 BS, HER 4 BS).
  • Hörmann socket (FES 1 BS, FES 1-1 BS, HEU 2 BS).
  • Hörmann gate / barrier (HET E2 BS).
  • Hörmann door lock drive (SmartKey).
  • Hörmann access control system (HET-E2 SL 868-BS).
  • myStrom WiFi Switch CH v2


  • The control of roller shutters via Alexa Skill has been improved.
  • homee-in-homee devices can be added back to HomeKit.
  • The calculation of the execution of time triggers has been optimized.
  • The twilight value of the Eltako wireless outdoor brightness sensor FAH60 is now evaluated (it must be taught-in again).
  • The brightness value of the Eltako FAH60 is now set to the minimum value of 300 lx at dusk.
  • Security improvements.
  • Various small improvements.

Bug fixes

  • Deactivated users no longer receive push notifications.
  • Update successful Push notifications no longer have a Start update action.
  • Fixes an issue where devices were incorrectly listed as Amazon Alexa compatible.
  • Heating plans no longer set the setpoint temperature of thermostats again if inactive variables or time entries in the plan are changed.
  • Diary entries such as “received change in value from deleted device” are now a thing of the past.
  • Fixes a bug when recording the current consumption values.
  • The "next execution" of deactivated homeegrams has been removed.
  • The "next execution" is now displayed correctly after activating the homeegram.
  • Fixes a problem with the display of negative numbers in homeegrams.
  • Fixes a possible crash when using Netatmo weather stations and Netatmo cameras.
  • Fixes a possible crash when removing the last Belkin Wemo device.
  • Fixes a possible HomeKit crash.
  • The switching signals of the AFRISO FTM are recognized again.
  • The alarm of the AFRISO WaterSensor CON as well as the AFRISO FTM with mini / Maximelder probe is registered again.
  • Corrects a problem with the assignment of AFRISO CosiTherm channels.
  • Changes in the value of the myStrom Switch are recorded again after the device has been set from "not available" to "available".
  • The Devolo alarm siren now plays the tone selected in Homeegrams.
  • Fixes a problem that prevents homee-in-homee devices from being deleted if there is no connection to the respective homee.
  • Fixes a problem with double switching of homee-in-homee devices.
  • Fixes a bug where homee-in-homee devices cannot be reactivated for HomeKit directly after an update to 2.29.0.
  • Various small bug fixes.

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