homee Core | 2.31


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  • homee users can now be present or absent! This gives you new ways to automate your home.
  • In addition to FTP, Dropbox can now be used as a storage destination for backups and historical data.
  • homee can now send e-mails as another type of notification!
  • In homeegrams (trigger and conditions), values from 2 devices can be compared with one another!


The following devices are now supported by homee:

  • AFRISO AVD 10 *
  • AFRISO AVD 20-D *
  • AFRISO CosiTherm *
  • AFRISO level limit switch Maximelder *
  • AFRISO level limit switch minimelder *
  • AFRISO leak detector Europress *
  • AFRISO leak detector Eurovac *
  • AFRISO leak detector LAG *
  • AFRISO TDM 51 F *
  • AFRISO water warning device WWG *
  • AFRISO WaterControl 01 *
  • AFRISO oil-water warning device ÖWU *
  • AFRISO oil-water warning device ÖWWG 3 *
  • Eltako / PioTek Tracker V4 FTTB (TF-TTB)
  • Qubino Flush RGBW dimmer
  • Qubino Flush Shutter DC
  • Qubino mini dimmer
  • Qubino Smart Plug 16A
  • * So far only supported with PuM EnOcean Cube


  • Errors when sending notifications can now be found in the diary.
  • The addition of Netatmo devices has been revised and now corresponds to the latest recommendations from Netatmo.
  • The certificates required for local HTTPS are automatically renewed (new IP, stand-alone mode).
  • Various small improvements.

Bug fixes

  • Under certain conditions, some thermostats were shown as available when they weren't - this no longer happens.
  • Thermostats integrated into plans via homee in homee can now be correctly operated manually without the plan immediately overwriting this again.
  • An EnOcean device can no longer be added multiple times.
  • The color of Aeotec LED strips can be adjusted again.
  • Resetting users no longer has a negative effect on the setting of your voice assistants.
  • Some homee's had problems resetting to the factory settings - homee now behaves correctly for all of them again.
  • Fixes a crash in connection with several myStrom devices.
  • Fixes an issue where sending push notifications could cause homee to crash in some situations.
  • Various small bug fixes.

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