iOS app | 2.27 (5272)


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  • Lamps can now slowly fade to a target value in home telegram actions (fade)
  • Support for new Z-Wave and EnOcean devices


  • The mode and sunrise / sunset can now be filtered in the diary
  • Push messages from home programs can now be deactivated in the user settings
  • The consequences of a cube reset are now more clearly highlighted in the info text
  • Version conflicts between the homee app and the homee core are now displayed more clearly
  • Info texts about the beta have been clarified
  • The homee in homee learning process has been revised
  • The homee energy manager can now be integrated into homee via homee
  • Support for iOS 13 context menus
  • It can now be switched between different homes directly from the homescreen using Taptic Touch (iOS 13)
  • Push messages from homees other than the one currently connected are now displayed as external notifications instead of with the app's internal notification system
  • If the homee app is opened via a push message, the message is now also displayed in the app
  • Various fallbacks have been improved in the diary
  • The setup screens can no longer be closed using a swipe gesture (iOS 13)
  • If the app loses connection to homee during the setup process, it will now be restored

Bug fixes

  • The learning text for the Winkhaus sensor has been adjusted
  • The WiFi connection is now more reliable in the setup process
  • A crash when switching between homees has been fixed
  • Problems with teaching the AFRISO CosiTherm have been fixed
  • URLs are now checked before they are opened in the in-app browser to prevent crashes
  • In-app notifications and the connection indicator are now reliably displayed again
  • Actions in push messages are now performed reliably
  • Filters in the diary are now also saved when the screen is closed with a swipe gesture
  • Home telegrams are now properly displayed when they are opened from the search
  • User devices can now be properly opened again from the diary
  • The controls in full screen mode of the gradients are now fully visible again
  • Missing navigation bar colors have been added
  • The control element for overwriting plan temperatures now updates the temperatures when they are changed
  • After a completed update, updates are checked again to ensure that the latest version is installed.
  • Some display errors in dark mode have been fixed
  • Various display errors in the e-manager have been fixed
  • The authentication screen of the app is now correctly displayed again
  • The navigation bar is no longer two-colored on older operating system versions
  • A suitable greeting text is now also displayed at night
  • Minor text fixes

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