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  • Support for new WLAN device: myStrom WiFi Switch
  • Support for some new Aeotec Z-Wave devices
  • homee backups can now also be created and downloaded with the iOS app


  • The devices used (thermostats and window sensors) are now displayed in plans
  • The next triggering of a time trigger is now calculated centrally by the homee core. This avoids errors in the calculation
  • Optional input fields when adding WLAN devices are now marked as such
  • The app now shows all times in the homee time zone
  • All times are now displayed in the appropriate format for the region of the end device
  • The time screen in the settings is now better explained and shows the time zone in which homee lives
  • The learning process for Netatmo devices has been revised
  • The icons for WLAN devices in the Add device list have been improved
  • The icons for restrictions in the lists now also show the degree of restriction - and, they are now more visible in dark mode
  • The connection to a homee via the IP address is now supported - simply enter the IP instead of the homee ID when logging in
  • The HomeKit beta can now also be activated directly via the iOS app
  • The rating screen is now better optimized for smaller screens

Bug fixes

  • Plans can now be activated (de) via the context menu (iOS 13)
  • Home frames can now be duplicated again via the 3D touch menu (iOS 11 & 12)
  • Copying information, such as version numbers, now works again on iOS 13
  • A crash when using the buttons all / no selection in the settings of voice assistants has been fixed
  • Possible crashes are prevented by checking links before opening them in the in-app browser
  • When changing the properties of a device, the controls now change accordingly
  • The sorting of the app licenses has been corrected
  • Various bugs due to special characters in color names have been fixed
  • Minor text fixes

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