iOS app | 2.29 (c5225dd0)


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Support for Hörmann BiSecur Cube
Support for Hörmann BiSecur devices
Support for new Zigbee lamps
Support for new languages
Variable electricity tariffs (homee AT only)
Display of electricity price, consumption and costs
Energy saving plans for switching with cheap electricity


New icons for groups, plans and homeegrams
The widget settings are now in the app settings
Improved support for the Eltako brightness sensor FAH60

Bug fixes

Time conditions in homeegrams that should be active immediately are now also active immediately
The PayPal checkout in the homee world is now working again
The descriptions of control elements no longer disappear
In the widget, shutters and garage doors are switched on again when groups are switched
The selection of the elements in the home area is now retained if the access data is missing
Notifications that are displayed when the app was opened via a notification are now discarded when the app is sent back to the background
Various crashes have been fixed
Homeegrams are displayed again in demo mode
The teach-in texts for the Eltako HSB 14 have been corrected
The context menu for copying information is now localized
Corrected colors in widget
The associated context menu is opened for search results in the main lists
When receiving an update push message while the app is open, the update screen no longer opens automatically
If several prompts are received one after the other, they are now all displayed
After a failed teach-in attempt, teach-in now works again
Minor text fixes