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  • Support for new Z-Wave, EnOcean and ZigBee devices
  • Support for Steca inverters (WLAN)
  • Templates for device types are now available for energy saving plans (only homee AT smartENERGY customers)
  • Time limits can now be created for energy saving plans in which the plan should not run (only homee AT smartENERGY customers)


  • Accessibility has been improved. Help texts for VoiceOver have been added to the icon buttons in the navigation bar and the buttons for controlling devices. The current homee mode is now recognized on the dashboard and the texts of the individual dashboard tiles are sensibly summarized.
  • The WAREMA devices are now visible in the device list when teaching-in, even without a cube
  • Device links can now be created from both sides, from the sensor and from the actuator
  • In the plans it can now be specified which property of a device should be switched if the device has several suitable properties
  • The teaching-in of Nuki, AVM and Homematic WLAN devices has been revised
  • The barcode scanner when teaching-in devices now supports additional barcode types
  • Various optimizations have been made on the email verification screen
  • The user settings can now be opened directly from the presence tile on the dashboard to manually adjust the presence or change the settings
  • The elements are now better grouped in the geofence screen in the user settings
  • The display for time and date pickers has been adapted again for iOS 14
  • An explanation has been added why the homee app needs to access the local network
  • The demo mode is now up to date again

Bug fixes

  • A crash when changing the query interval for myStrom Plug has been fixed
  • Fixed a crash when performing actions in push messages
  • After creating a new plan, the screen can now be closed with a button
  • An error in which entries in the settings of the FTP server, historical data export and automatic backups were not saved has been fixed
  • After creating a user in the setup process, a login screen was displayed unnecessarily in some situations
  • After scanning the QR code in the setup process, the following screens will no longer open multiple times
  • After scanning the barcode when adding a device, the following screens are no longer opened multiple times
  • The error messages for certain errors when reporting the presence status have been improved
  • Automations created by the installer can now also be edited by them
  • Plans created by the installer can now only be edited by the installer
  • Missing texts for the LED color mode of Aeotec devices have been added
  • In the info and error sheets that are used in the setup process and when adding devices, the title is now wrapped if there is not enough space
  • The buttons in the historical data display of devices now have a more visible color
  • An error where a text field was sometimes displayed behind sliders has now been fixed
  • A graphic error in the color picker has been fixed
  • Various crashes have been fixed
  • Minor text fixes

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