Bei homee gibt’s wenig Apps - also, so richtig wenig!

Wo du dir bei anderen Smart Home Zentralen ein App Chaos auf’s Handy laden musst, um all deine Geräte zu steuern, hast du bei homee eine App für alles - egal, von welchem Hersteller deine smarten Geräte kommen.

Und das ist gut so, denn:

1. Eine App heißt, all deine smarten Geräte können miteinander kommunizieren.

2. Du bist bei deinen Geräten nicht auf eine bestimmte Marke festgelegt und kannst kaufen, was dir gefällt.

With homee you can forget these problems and connect your home with just one app.

homee is a smart home center that combines various wireless technologies and brands in one app.

How does this work?

Our Brain Cube communicates with your smart phone via WiFi and connects our additional cubes, among other things. You can then use them to combine smart devices with different wireless protocols (Zigbee, Z-Wave, EnOcean, BiSecur or WMS) in just one single smart home center.

                            129, 00 €

                                       129, 00 €

With homee you can connect everything - regardless of the brand, manufacturer or smart home technology.

Are you new to the smart home world?

Then do it right from the start and get started with your smart home center that connects a wide variety of brands! Get homee and create intuitive routines for all your devices with our homee app.

homee benefits

Intuitive smart home routines

Connects different brands

Support and community in German

Can be controlled by voice assistant, app and switch

We have our starter sets for you

The Brain Cube is the basis for your smart home center, it connects different brands such as Nuki, Eurotronic or Netatmo. To expand your smart home, you will need one of our colorful cubes.

Benefit from our bundles and their special prices.

"The King of All Lights"

Zigbee is the radio protocol that is mostly used for smart lamps and lighting. Some brands you can associate with the Zigbee Cube: OSRAM, Philips Hue or IKEA TRÅDFRI.

"The all-rounder"

Z-Wave connects a large number of devices, but those that ensure more security in your home are particularly popular. Some brands that you can associate with the Z-Wave Cube: Abus, Eurotronic, Fibaro, AEOTEC.

"The energy efficiency miracle"

EnOcean is the protocol used by devices that run without batteries. We recommend it for sensors. Some brands that you can combine with the EnOcean Cube: Afriso, Eltako, Hoppe.

Get the future
of smart living at home.

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