Smart Home Trends

Nicht zuletzt durch die Corona-Pandemie hat das Thema Smart Home noch einmal einen Aufschwung erfahren. Wer wegen Home-Office und wegfallenden Freizeitaktivitäten mehr zuhause ist, beschäftigt sich auch mehr mit seinem Zuhause. Und ein Smart Home kann nun einmal das Leben komfortabler, unterhaltsamer und energieeffizienter gestalten, was wichtig wie nie ist. Doch was sind die Smart Home Trends ? Wir fassen einige spannende Entwicklungen für dich zusammen.

More and more devices are becoming smart

In 2021 the trend will undoubtedly continue, that more and more devices become smart. In addition, smart home technology is likely to find its way into more and more rooms, not just as smart light bulbs and thermostats. So offer z. For example, the increasingly popular smart displays are a welcome alternative to smartphones to keep in touch with family and friends via video telephony. And they offer so many more options.

Zudem finden sich an immer mehr Handgelenken Smartwatches wieder. Auch hier nehmen die Möglichkeiten stetig zu. So wirst du 2021 mit unserem nahenden Update Wearables ebenfalls für die Steuerung deines Zuhauses mit homee nutzen können.

The smart home is getting easier


Admittedly, the smart home area is quite confusing. There are many different manufacturers who use different radio standards. This often does not make the interaction of the respective devices any easier.

Fortunately, there are intermediaries like homee. With our modular smart home center, you can network many different devices and manufacturers across wireless standard boundaries. WLAN, Zigbee, Z-Wave and EnOcean have been on board for years. And we are expanding our portfolio with additional cubes such as those for Becker drives (CentronicPlus). The established standard Z-Wave is also used with the upcoming Z-Wave GEN7 Cube plus new stack even better.

But manufacturers outside of homee have also recognized that the mess of standards is not exactly customer-friendly. Among other things, the quite new initiative “Connected Home over IP”, in which many industry giants such as Amazon, Google and Apple have joined forces, aims to remedy this. These are just a few examples of more simplicity in order to reduce the entry hurdle and complexity, especially for newbies.

The subject of energy is moving more into focus


Saving energy and resources is one of the central smart home topics, along with increased convenience. In many households, however, this has not really arrived. For many users, it's primarily about making everyday life easier and a few smart gimmicks. But a smart home can also do something for the environment.

With rising energy prices, saving electricity also offers an increasingly lucrative side effect. However, this is not just about optimizing room temperatures, light and standby in a sensible and needs-based manner. The generation and storage of self-produced energy via photovoltaics and the like will also move more into focus in 2021, e.g. B. by mini-PV systems.

An intelligent home consumes energy best when it is available as cheaply as possible (ideally free of charge). When the sun is shining outside and the small or large PV system on the roof or balcony produces more electricity than is currently being used, the electric car and robot vacuum cleaner can be charged inexpensively and the washing machine and dishwasher can be switched on automatically.

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Artificial intelligence is conquering even more areas

One of the most important IoT trends is artificial intelligence (in short: KI or AI for Artificial Intelligence). It is already used in many areas today, e.g. B. at Amazon's language assistant Alexa. And there are sure to be many more new areas.

So far, the AI has mainly been outsourced in the cloud, i.e. it works online. In the future, it will certainly move more and more into the devices themselves, so that algorithms, machine learning and deep learning run locally and offline. In addition, the AI will make smart home systems even smarter. B. concerns the interpretation of sensors and states.

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can join our great homee here Community connect, or send a question to support@homee.de send. Together we can make every house smarter.

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