Make your smart devices more agile with homee

Find out now how your life will be even smarter, more personalized and more comfortable with homee and our “home programs” - small automations for personalized processes.


In case of fire

  • Smoke detectors connected to homee will trigger acoustic and visual alarms.
  • The homee app sends a warning to you and your family.
  • Your Homeegram can open roller shutters—facilitating a quick evacuation.



richtig nutzen

  • Erstelle mit homee und WMS von WAREMA clevere Automatiken für deinen Sonnenschutz.
  • Scheint die Sonne im Sommer, verdunkeln Rollläden und Außenjalousie deine Fenster und verhindern damit ein Aufheizen der Räume – auch wenn du gerade nicht zuhause bist.
  • Im Winter hingegen wird die Sonnenenergie genutzt, um Heizkosten zu sparen.


Save in heating costs

  • homee can connect to your smart thermostats and create ad-hoc heating plans.
  • homee controls the room temperature for you and can lower the temperature when you are not at home.
  • Forgot to close your window after ventilating? homee will send you a reminder and even turn off the heating.


Garage and garden


  • Erstelle mit homee und WMS von WAREMA clevere Automatiken für deine Markise.
  • Scheint die Sonne im Sommer sorgt deine Markise automatisch für angenehme Temperaturen auf der Terrasse.
  • Zieht ein Sommergewitter auf, fährt deine Markise von selbst in eine sichere Position. Das verhindert Schäden an Markise und Haus.


Smart garage door

  • With homee you can control your Hörmann garage door even when you are not at home.
  • Always have your garage open or closed at the right moment with the homee app.
  • Are you on the move and not sure whether the garage door is closed? With homee you can check the status of your gate at any time.


Smart life

Quality of life for elderly people (AAL)

  • Connect homee to motion and voice sensors, as well as to smart security devices.
  • You can control oven, windows or doors so that your loved ones are always safe.
  • homee can send a reminder if they forgot to close a door or window, or even turn off electric devices.



We love smart lighting

  • homee's compatibility with multiple smart lighting devices is unrivalled.
  • Look forward to a huge selection of lamps from various manufacturers. 
  • All of them can be conveniently controlled via the app. This is how you ensure individual lighting that is tailored to your needs.


homee on your computer

A web-based version of homee is also available. Use your app with the comfort of a big screen and discover the power of controlling your home from anywhere in the world!

Simplify your life with Homeegrams

With the homee app, you can easily and intuitively create your personalized Homeegramms: simple automations that adapt your smart devices according to your needs and routines.

Our support team is always there

Our technical support team can answer any questions and assist you, so that you can fully enjoy your homee experience.

homee set-up

Install your Brain Cube step by step

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You are invited to be part of our unique and interactive community. Here, you can share your opinions and questions with other homee users and directly receive the best tips to enhance your homee experience.

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