Web app | 2.28.3 (2fd74c8d)


To the web app



  • Support for new Eltako EnOcean devices
  • Notes can now be added to Smart Widgets
  • When searching for devices, Homeegrams, plans and groups, the note and the nickname are now taken into account


  • The display of the Heatit wall thermostats has been improved
  • The name of the home is now global for all users - it can be changed by admins in the Brain Cube settings
  • The restart and shutdown process has been improved
  • The homee backup is no longer downloaded in a pop-up
  • If a device requires user interaction, the corresponding configuration screen is now displayed when the details screen is opened

Bug fixes

  • Minor display errors fixed
  • Minor design bugs fixed
  • The time localization in the plans has been corrected
  • The device selection in Smart Widgets is now saved again
  • The Zigbee radio channel info text is displayed correctly again