Web App | 2.30


To the web app



  • The homee login screen and the add devices process have been completely revised and given a new design
  • The plans have got a new design
  • Measured values of a device can now be renamed
  • Support for new Z-Wave devices
  • The web app can now also connect locally to the homee.


  • Newly added devices, homeegrams, plans and groups are now displayed at the top of the list.
  • The values of BiSecur devices that are connected via homee in homee can now also be updated
  • To activate the FTP service, you must now fill in all the necessary data
  • Automatic backups can now only be activated with one target
  • The automatic history export can now only be activated with one target
  • In the settings there are now instructions on how to reset the Brain Cube to factory settings
  • If deleting a device fails twice, Force deletion is now offered
  • The Z-Wave device reset has been renamed Exclude device and now has a better explanation
  • The savings compared to a normal electricity tariff are now displayed in the electricity price widget
  • The app can now be identified more clearly as a user device

Bug fixes

  • Jumping from the diary to a user device is now possible again
  • The diary filters can now handle all characters
  • Duplicate values in the diagram axes of the progress display are a thing of the past
  • An error that sometimes occurred when logging in has been fixed
  • The switching times of energy saving plans are now displayed correctly

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