Web App | 2.31


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  • A presence status can now be stored for each user. This can be changed via homeegrams and is available as a trigger and condition in homeegrams.
  • In device and weather triggers and conditions, the value can now be compared to the value of another device
  • E-mail notifications are now available in homeegames and for system events
  • Dropbox can now be used as a destination for automatic backups and historical data export
  • Support for new EnOcean devices (AFRISO + Eltako / PioTek Tracker)
  • Support for new Z-Wave devices (Qubino)


  • When adding new devices, you can now search for the EAN code
  • The automatic location determination can now also be triggered manually
  • The process of linking devices has been simplified
  • If the sending of push messages fails, this is now in the diary (with affected user and corresponding device)
  • The "#!" Parameter was removed from the URL
  • The settings for the configuration of push messages are only offered in browsers that support push messages

Bug fixes

  • In Safari, the time selection dialog is no longer hidden behind other elements.
  • The input fields on the login screen are displayed in the correct colors during autofill.
  • When changing exception temperatures in plans, you can navigate back correctly
  • An error in the push messages has been fixed so that they can now be delivered again (it may be necessary to re-register all devices and delete the browser storage if necessary.)
  • Minor text fixes

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