Zigbee - The king of all lights

homee now offers 6 different cubes that can make your home smarter, more comfortable and secure . The number of devices and technologies supported by homee grows with (almost) every update - because we are constantly working on the integration of new devices. This load of technology, concepts, and devices can be overwhelming for smart home beginners. That is why we bring a little light into the smart darkness. So you are fully informed and can make a conscious decision when buying your smart home. 

In this series, we will introduce you to our various cubes - and thus the wireless standards - in more detail. 

We start with our orange cube, the Zigbee Cube. 

What is Zigbee? 

Zigbee is a name for a radio technology that was founded in 2002 by the Zigbee Alliance. The Zigbee Alliance is a group of more than 250 companies creating, maintaining, and delivering open, global standards for the Internet of Things (IoT). Relevant fact, Amazon is on the board of the Allianz, and of course Alexa uses Zigbee Technology.The first Zigbee products came onto the market in early 2005. 

Zigbee includes many different devices from a wide variety of manufacturers. The aim is to implement complete home automation using a system in which all sensors (transmitters) and actuators (receivers) can communicate with this control unit. 

Zigbee is an open radio standard. Open radio standard, which means that every manufacturer can adapt its products to this standard. However, there are a few guidelines that must be followed. For example, all devices must be combinable so that different manufacturers and products can be used.

Zigbee is particularly used in the lighting sector and is used by large companies such as IKEA, Philips, and Osram .

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Radio technology

Zigbee is a standardized radio system, a kind of “language” through which the devices speak to each other. Just like your cell phone used to send data back and forth via Bluetooth, Zigbee devices exchange data with each other and to the smart home gateway using the Zigbee radio protocol. Our Zigbee Cube uses this wireless technology and integrates it into your smart home.

Zigbee transmits on the 2.4 GHz frequency band. All communication is encrypted. However, the encryption is not as secure as with the new Z-Wave S2 standard. The transmission of the radio protocol is encrypted with 128 bits in accordance with the AES-CCM algorithm. 

It is not possible to control your Zigbee devices directly from your mobile phone.

Zigbee Pros

The range of Zigbee is only limited (mostly to 10 to 20 meters), but the radio system uses a so-called one Mesh network. This means that the range is increased with each integrated Zigbee device - under ideal conditions up to 100 meters. For example, if the Smart Home Hub cannot establish a direct connection to the Zigbee lamp (because it is too far away), the connection can be forwarded to the lamp via another Zigbee device in the vicinity of the lamp, and voila! You can controll your lamp this way. 

In contrast to WiFi or Bluetooth devices, Zigbee devices are extreme energy efficient. This efficiency makes them particularly suitable for battery-operated devices, because they can run for years without having to change the battery.

Compared to EnOcean, Z-Wave or WLAN devices, Zigbee devices are usually not expensive. Due to the wide range of possible uses and the low price, it is easy to build a home automation system largely on Zigbee devices. But honestly, lighting is still Zigbee´s thing.

I want to buy my Zigbee Cube now!

And maybe other smart home products.

I want to buy my Zigbee Cube now!

And maybe other smart home products.
EnOcean Pros and Cons

Zigbee Cons

Communication is encrypted, but not as secure as with other radio systems. As a result, Zigbee is not as well represented in the security industry. 

In addition, the wireless range is not that high without a mesh network.

Our Zigbee Cube connects

With the Zigbee Cube from homee you connect a wide variety of brands such as Philips, IKEA, Osram and many more. With this cube there will be no more limits to lighting control, select the devices you like from different brans, and in connection with our other cubes (EnOcean, Z-Wave, Hörmann BiSecur, WAREMA WMS) you can control a large selection of devices from different radio technologies and brands via one system - one app - the homee app.

Here you come directly to our Zigbee Cube.

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can join our great homee here Community connect, or send a question to support@homee.de send. Together we can make every house smarter.

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