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Hörmann BiSecur Gateway switchover campaign

From simple garage door operation to the perfect smart home
control centre at a special price!

From simple garage door operation to the perfect smart home

When it was launched in 2014, the Hörmann BiSecur Gateway was a pioneer: at the time, it was the first proprietary smart home system from Hörmann that allowed users to control garage door operators and radio receivers via an app.

After nearly a decade of successful operation, the door manufacturer has now decided to discontinue the underlying “BiSecur Home” system at the end of 2024 and to push the Hörmann homee Brain Smart Home control centre as a product solution for smart door control.

The switch to the new system is worth it:

From 01.10. – 31.12.2023, customers who own a Hörmann BiSecur Gateway will be offered the Hörmann homee Brain at an attractive special price.

Hörmann homee Brain
the Smart Home control centre

With the Hörmann homee Brain Smart Home control centre, you can operate your door operators very conveniently via app, voice control or automatically – from anywhere in the world and at any time of day or night.

Moreover, thanks to additional cubes, the Hörmann homee Brain can be expanded with radio technologies, so that you can not only control your doors with a single system, but also other devices in your home, such as the heating or lighting.

Hörmann homee, the smart home control center, which connects everything in one app - regardless of brand, manufacturer or smart home technology.

What makes the new Hörmann Smart Home control centre better?

The white basic cube, the Hörmann homee Brain Cube, is the central unit of the system and is equipped with its own WiFi connection and the certified Hörmann radio system BiSecur. This makes it possible to control Hörmann door operators as well as other devices by radio and to query their status.

The data is stored locally and does not end up in the cloud, for maximum data security. Via the homee app, other smart devices in the house can communicate with Hörmann products and can be combined via automations. Further informationand descriptions are available at the

Prerequisites for the Hörmann
switchover campaign

1. You own a Hörmann BiSecur Gateway
2. You have received a six-digit voucher code via the Hörmann BiSecur app

And this is how easy it is: Enter your six-digit voucher code when ordering the Hörmann homee Brain and purchase it between 01.10. and 31.12.2023 at an attractive special price!

Convenient, simple, individual – your advantages at a glance:

- Hörmann Smart Home system “Made in Germany”
-Local data storage without the cloud
-Easy installation and operation via app or voice control
-Certified and highly secure Hörmann BiSecur radio system
-Time-independent and location-independent control of doors and other devices
-Compatible with other Smart Home systems and radio technologies
-One system incl. app for controlling various devices from different manufacturers Regular updates

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