The advantages of the homee Brain Cube

There are many smart home control gateways on the market. But none is like homee. And we don't mean the modular design that lets you build homee turrets. At least not only. 😉  

Our Brain cube has a lot of clever features and strengths to offer:

Data protection is written BIG at homee

What happens to my data? Is it even safe if everything is stored in the cloud (i.e. online) ?

As you can see, data protection is very important, especially for smart homes. And especially smart home beginners often have concerns about this topic.

Good news: with homee, you don't have to worry about security. Because the protection of your data is especially important to us. That's why we don't store it somewhere in a cloud without you having any control over it.

homee stores all data offline at your home directly on the Brain Cube.They do not leave your house. When controlling your home, only the individual commands and information needed are transmitted via a secure server. Reassuring, isn't it?

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Modularly expandable - homee adapts to your wishes

You're really into smart home fever and want to equip your home with smart devices all around. This is where you run into a problem with most smart home control panels: they only offer a limited number of wireless standards (e.g. only WLAN and ZigBeeYou may be able to add one or the other standard with an available USB stick. But soon it's "a case of "shift in the shaft", so you probably won't be able to integrate all the devices and manufacturers you'd like into the system.

That's why homee does it differently. Behind our cube shape is principle - the modular principle. Because homee is modular and can be systematically expanded cube by cube. For those who now have an image of certain terminal blocks from Denmark in their head - with homee, plugging together is just as easy. 😜

I want to buy my smart home control center now!

And maybe other smart home products.

The Brain Cube is the core of your smart home system. You need it in any case. It works with WLAN and can already connect many devices from Belkin WeMo, Netatmo, Nuki and more. 

You can add and combine the other cubes according to your needs. If you want to connect Zigbee lights to homee, simply plug the Zigbee cube onto the Brain Cube. The same applies to Z-Wave, EnOcean, Hörmann BiSecure and more.

We are expanding our cube selection cube by cube so that you can connect more and more devices with homee. And of course, there are regular updates with new features and improvements.

Bonus feature:you save money. Because you only have to buy the cubes you really need. With other centers, you pay for all the standards and features, even if you don't use them. And there is no subscription (i.e. additional monthly costs) with homee.


 Internet problems? homee also works offline

You come home unsuspecting and nothing works anymore! No automatic light, the smart lock does not respond, the apartment is freezing cold or roaring hot because the air conditioning / heating is not turned on - horror scenario failed Internet connection or too bad connection. This should happen quite often. But homee doesn't care, because our control panel works even without an active internet connection, so that your smart home continues to function.

This does not apply to all functions, as an Internet connection is required for some features (e.g. voice commands via Alexa or Google Assistant). However, compared to many other smart home hubs, homee does not leave you out in the cold even in the event of an internet outage.

Here you come directly to our Brain cube.

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can join our great homee Community or send a question to support@homee.de Together we can make every house smarter.

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